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SOHO Highlights Virtual Hub Access

The SOHO Highlights: State of the Art & Next Questions Webinar begins on Wednesday, October 26th at 8:00 AM CDT (UTC/GMT -5). We suggest that you access the platform beforehand in order to become familiar with the virtual environment and its functionality. Below you will find information on 1. How to access the SOHO Highlights Virtual Environment; and, 2. Ways to enhance your meeting experience.

Access the SOHO Virtual Hub



To access the SOHO Highlights virtual event platform, click Once you login on the SOHO Sign-In  page [using email and password that you used to register], you automatically will be redirected to the SOHO Virtual Meeting Hub.




After entering the SOHO Highlights Event Page at, click on "SOHO Highlights 2022" under "All Sessions" to enter the live webinar. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, click the Blue Help Bot in the lower left corner. 




If you enter the SOHO Virtual Hub before October 26th, you will see a countdown indicating when the meeting will begin. At 8:00 AM CDT (UTC/GMT -5) on Wednesday, October 26th, simply click "Join Session" to view the live webinar. 


Enhance Your Experience!

Questions & Answers


Each presentation is 25 minutes with a 10-minute, live Questions & Answer session with the audience. The Q&A Tab can be found to the right of the viewing window. Type your questions into the open field. Attendees may Upvote ( 👍 ) and comment on open questions. Upvoted questions will receive priority for a Speaker response.

Highlights Resource Area


The SOHO Highlights Resources are located within the Virtual Meeting Platform. The Resource section provides attendees with direct links and downloads of the official SOHO Highlights program, as well as Speakers' slides.


Best Browser Experience


To ensure you have the best possible viewing experience, please download the Google Chrome Browser and install it on your laptop or desktop computer. For full functionality, smaller devices are NOT recommended.


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